Moreno Valley Pony Baseball & Softball

Moreno Valley Pony Baseball & Softball

Moreno Valley Youth Federation, PONY Baseball and Softball, was formed as a mode of community action to help young people develop into better adults through participation in organized, supervised recreation. We offer PONY Baseball and Softball in the belief that if you teach young people to play by the rules; they’ll learn to live by the rules of everyday life. 

 The primary features that distinguish PONY baseball from Little League baseball are the use of a two-year age bracket system and scaled diamonds.  In organizations such as Little League, players can differ by as much as three years within a division.  As a result, the younger players, because of their lack of maturity, ability, and size, may  find it hard to communicate with the older players.  With players of only two ages involved, as is the case with PONY baseball, it is far easier to permit player to play more positions since the difference in skills within the age group is not that great.  The game of baseball cannot be played as it was intended if the physical capability of the players does not match the physical achievements required for the game.  Little League uses two diamond sizes and up until age 12, players play on a 60-foot diamond.  PONY baseball, on the other hand, scales the size of the diamond to match the physical capabilities of the players within each division.  

The Base Distance for PONY Baseball:
50-ft bases - Shetland (4-6 yr olds)
60-ft bases - Pinto (7-8 yr olds)
60-ft bases - Mustang (9-10 yr olds)
70-ft bases - Bronco (11-12 yr olds)
80-ft bases - Pony (13-14 yr olds)
90-ft bases - Colt and above

The Base Distance for PONY Softball:
50-ft bases - 6U (4-6 yr olds)
50-ft bases - 8U (7-8 yr olds)
60-ft bases - 10U (9-10 yr olds)
60-ft bases - 12U (11-12 yr olds)
60-ft bases - 16U (13-16 yr olds)

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